June 17 2016 – Published in May 2016:

Here It Is Folks: In the final stage of the completion of over 40 years of research, Harold
L Carter’s “Magnus Opum” and The History of Civilization in a short Book Jacket and Summary Format of the entire book about to be published in the Fall or Winter of 2016!


The Human Odyssey: The African Odyssey: The African Heritage in World History and Human Biological and Cultural History: From Prehistoric Times: 4.6 Billion Years Ago and the Earliest Civilizations: 5000 – 3000 Years Ago to the 21st Century (2016)
An Introductory Anthropology and World History and Human History, High School and College Textbook and

Science, Religion, Quantum Physics, and the Evolution of the Universe, Life , Humanity, and the Races*** (populations) of Humanity on Earth:

[Toward a More Accurate and Inclusive World History and Human Biological and Cultural History Textbook:

A History of People of African Descent and the Social Construction of a White” – Caucasian – European “Race” and the 18th Century,19th Century, 20th Centuryand 21st Century Eurocentric Attempts to Create and Support a “Social Construction of an African Negro “Race”

(*** Footnote of the Southern U.S. Former Human Chattel-Slaveholding States’ Legal and State and Local statue formulation of legislation to further support that “white racist supremacist Social Construction of an “African” / “Negro” race (population):

A Narrative Encyclopedic Approach Toward a New World History Paradim for Human Biological and Cultural History:

The African Response: “Not Out of Europe: “Eurocentrism: How Eurocentrism Became an Excuse to Teach Myth as History”

Toward An African Heritage Human History Encyclopedia: Volume I

By Harold L Carter
*** [Footnote: The 19th Century Former Southern Slaveholding States and their Social Construction of anAfrican and “Negro” Race:

In The Negro in Twentieth Century America : A Reader on the Struggle for Civil Rights, John Hope Franklin and Isidore Starr (Vintage Books: A Division of random House: New York), 1967, pp. 4-7,

Part I: “What Is a Negro?”

Section 1: “State Laws on Race and Color” (From States Laws on Race and Color, Pauli Murray, Editor, published by the Women’s Division of Christian Service, Board of Missions and Church Extension, the Methodist Church, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1951:
“State constitutions and laws concerning the Negro made it necessary for the state to define ‘Negro’ (and ‘colored’). This selection is concerned with the various legal definitions of ‘Negro,’ agreed upon for the purpose of withholding and enforcing the state constitutions and laws:

1927: Alabama ‘The word ‘Negro’ includes mulatto. The word ‘mulatto’ or the term ‘person of color’ means ‘a person of mixed blood descended on the part of the father or mother from Negro ancestors, without reference to or limit of time or number of generations removed’; (Note: “without reference to or limit of time or number of generations removed”)

Arkansas: ‘any person who has in his or her veins any Negro blood whatever’;

1920: Florida: ‘every person having one-eighth or more of African or Negro blood’;

(Note: Negro mother and father: ½ , grandmother and grandfather: 1/4 , great grandmother and great grandfather: 1/8th great great grandmother and grandfather: 1/16th , great great great grandmother and grandfather: 1/32nd )

Georgia: 1865-1866: ‘having any ascertainable trace of either Negro or African, West Indian, or Asiatic Indian blood in his or her veins’; (Note: here including “West Indian,” and “Asiatic Indian” blood (observe the reference to “blood” not “genes”)

Kentucky: ‘all children wholly or in part of Negro blood, or having any appreciable admixture thereof and a chld having one-sixteenth Negro blood’; (great great grandmother and great great grandfather: 1/16th)

1910: Louisiana: all personswith any appreciable mixture, of Negro blood;
1917: Mississippi: ‘a person having one-eighth or more Negro blood and persons of mixed blood having any appreciable amount of Negro blood; 1907: (Note: “mixed blood having any appreciable amount of Negro blood’)

Oklahoma: ‘all persons of African descent; (Note: “African descent”)

1905: Texas ‘all persons of mixed blood descended from Negro ancestry and ‘a person of mixed blood descended from Negro ancestry from the third generation inclusive though one of each generation may have been a white person; (Note: “mixed blood,” “Negro ancestry,” and “descended from Negro ancestry from the third generation (great grandmother and great grandfather) inclusive though one of each generation may have been a white person”)

1865-1866: Tennessee: ‘mulattoes, mestizos, and their descendants, having any blood of the African race in their veins’; (Note: here observe “mulattoes,” “mestizos (“Mexican” descent) and their descendants, having “any blood of the “African race,” in their veins)

[Also Note: By Virginia state constitution and law: “great, great, great” – 1/32nd Indian “blood” (Senator Elizabeth Warren who has been recently challenging President Obama’s trade policy) would be considered “White”]

1/4th or more of American Indian blood considered an “American Indian”
1/8th: great grandmother and grandfather

and great great grandmother and grandfather: 1/16th would be considered “White”)

1910, 1930: Virginia: ‘Every person in whom there is ascertainable any Negro blood shall be deemed and taken to be a colored person, and every person not a colored person having one-fourth or more of American Indian blood shall be deemed an American Indian;

(Note: here “ascertainable Negro blood,” “colored person,” “American Indian,”)

“One-Sixteenth of the American Indian and no other Caucasic blood”: great great grandmother and grandfather: considered “White”:

and white person shall apply only to such person as has ‘no trace whatever of any blood other than Caucasian: but persons who have one-sixteenth of the American Indian and have no other non-Caucasic blood’ shall be deemed to be white persons

(Note: here “white person,” “Caucasian,” “American Indian” “non-Caucasic,“ “and have no other non-Caucasic blood”

[For more complete details see Chapter 24: “The Social Construction of the “Negro Race” by Atlantic African Slavery Writers and Philosophers – 1400 A.D. – 1800 A.D. and former 19th Century and 20th Century Confederate Slave States’ Constitutions and Lawmakers”]


The foundation of the existing world civilization can be traced back to the Greek and Roman and the preceding Ancient African Egyptian civilizations. Sometimes referred to as “Oriental,” and “Oriental” and “Western Civilization” are misnomers.

The assimilation of the German and Celtic tribes occurred after centuries of invasions of Rome by “barbaric” German and Celtic tribes who later were assimilated into the Roman civilization

The Origin of the Universe and the Origin of Life occurred billions of years ago and not between 6000 – 5000 – and 4000 years ago.

There were no human inhabitants of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe (Eurasia) and the Pacific region prior to 2 million years ago.

The first archaeological evidence of the presence of humans in Eurasia, a geographical entity today referred to as “Europe”) 1.9 million years ago was not discovered until after the 8th Century A.D.!) and was found in the 1980s in the Southern Republic of Russia, Dmansi, and were fossils racially identified according to modern scientific methods as having African or Negroid cranial-facial features and slender bodily appearance of humans inhabiting a tropical region.

Archaeological evidence indicates that the first anatomically modern humans (A.M.H.) were from Africa and migrated to Eurasia during the Upper Palaeolithic Wurm II Glacial Ice Period 50,000 years ago. Archaeological evidence of anatomically modern humans living in Africa 36,000 years ago was not known until the first decade of the 21st century: the Hofmyer fossils.

Archaeological evidence indicates that there were racially identifiable Africans in Eurasia 46,000 – 20,000 years ago in Central and Northeastern Eurasia: Croatia, Romania, and Germany and in Northwestern Eurasia: France and Spain.

Archaeological evidence, African artifacts, cyclinder seals, were indicated as having been found in the Tigris and Euphrates River Valley, in the region designaed as Mesopotamia, in Lower Mesopotamia, or Sumeria, prior to the time that writing was traditionally and historically (Eurocentrically) said to have been invented In Sumeria by “non-African” and “Semitic” (derived from Hebrew “Shem” / “Shemitic” and Indo-European – that were used interchangeably as non-Black and non-African people whose origin or homeland was said to be unknown.

Sculptured huge stone African Egyptian statutes of Lower Egypt, Dynastic pharaohs in both the 18th Dynasty and the Nubian Dynasties have “negroid” cranial-facial features carved on them.

In the Roman Empire there were enslaved people from the Germanic and Celtic tribes during the Gallic Wars described by Roman military leader and historian Caesar.


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Bachelor of Science, Columbia University Masters degree, Ohio State University Undergraduate National Officer, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Eastern Asst Vice President, when a student at Columbia University Profile Photograph: Mom & Me, when I was a graduate student
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