This is a very intellectual and liberal theologian, Episcopal Bishop Shelby Spong. I attended a two day session at Chrit Church (Episopal), Dayton, Ohio in 2003 and Bishop Spong presented a detailed summary of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and the New Testament Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, comparing the differences between each and indicating when they were written. Bishop Spong has managed a website for years and has answered all kind of questions from devout Christians, Christians those he indicates as Christians in Exile, Non-Christians, and Atheists. Following his lectures during the Question and Answer session, Bishop Spong was asked some very challenging questions and he answered all of them succinct and comprehensively, adding humor at times! Among his best sellers, including his autobiography, is: Why Christianity Must Change or Die


About Harold L Carter

Bachelor of Science, Columbia University Masters degree, Ohio State University Undergraduate National Officer, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Eastern Asst Vice President, when a student at Columbia University Profile Photograph: Mom & Me, when I was a graduate student
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