Jewish “holocaust”:

Introduction to the Holocaust

The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators.”

I have never seen a worse photograph of a lynching prior to viewing and reading about what happened to James Byrd. Even the photograph showing little elementary school white girls licking ice cream cones while looking at the hung body of an 18 or 19 year old Black teenager who had not only been brutally beaten and burned alive but others showing bodies that had ben burned alive and castrated. James Byrd after being brutally beaten was tied by his ankles and dragged by a truck along a concrete or dirt road until he died. I recall consciously visualizing and feeling the pain … not even close to what the actual pain that was felt by James Byrd as he was dragged along the road until he died. Whenever white people have difficulty understanding the feelings of educated Black people who are fully aware of such details of brutal beatings, body mutilations, and lynching need to be provided with the details of the James Byrd murder by two white supremacy racist white men. _ __ __ __ _ __ _ Some help on African history. African history consists of more than over 500 years of slavery from 1400s to the 1800s and more than the African Kingdoms that existed even about the time of the 1400s European enslavement of African people as well as even before the Ancient African Egyptian Civilization of the Ancient African Egyptian Pharaohs. Despite not having been taught in the public schools of America or in most of the colleges and universities – with some major college and universities exceptions – African history and the origin or beginning of the original race occurred in Africa. There was no white or European or Caucasoid race prior to the 50,000 B.C. Wurm II ice age period in world history after Black African migrants moved to the Eurasian continent in regions now called “Europe.” Shocking to most people considering themselves “Caucasians” or members of a “Caucasoid race,” they are “skin lightened” – “bleached” descendants of those Black African migrants. This skin change took place in the extremely cold climate of Eurasia (“Europe”) through the evolutionary process of natural selection when the tropical equatorial melanin equipped Black Africans experienced a one time mutation when exposed to the dimly lit sun climate of Eurasia and over generations only those reproduced with less melanin in their skin survived. Archaeological and molecular biological and genetic evidence showed the African “negroid” features found on excavated earlier human fossils.   Wurm II ice age period in world history fossil discoveries were made in Northwestern Eurasia (“Europe”): Spain and France (Cro-Magnon Cave); Central and Southern Eurasia (“Europe”): Bulgaria, Croatia, Bacho Kiro, et al; and Northeastern Eurasia (“Europe”): the region and descendants of whom were later labeled Germany and “Germanic and Celtic tribes” . There were more than one Black African migration to Eurasia, the earliest occurring 1.9 million years ago with archaeological fossil finds in the southern Republic of Russia, Dmansi. Then 100,000 – 90,000 years ago in what was historically or eurocentrically called the “Fertile Crescent” – the “Near East” – the “Middle East” and the “Levant” or the “Bible Land” or “Ancient Israel” (Qafzeh / Skhul Caves) fossils identified and dated by more recent radiometric dating as living prior to the Wurm II human adaptation to the exceptionally cold clime of Eurasia at that time. … There you have it … bluntly stated: … The white race derived from the Black African race. … which the Mass Media and The New York Times according to George Wills, Sunday morning national TV commentator supporting Mary Lefkowich’s conclusion thsat African and African American historians teach “African “feel good” myth taught as history. George Wills New York Times article and comments were published by Dr Asa Hilliard in his book: The Maroon Within Us.”

Encyclopedia Wikipedia: “Homo sapiens sapiens”:


Schematic representation of the emergence of H. sapiens from earlier species of Homo. The horizontal axis represents geographic location; the vertical axis represents time in millions of years ago. Blue areas denote the presence of a certain species at a given time and place. Early modern humans spread from Africa across different regions of the globe and interbred with other descendants of Homo heidelbergensis, namely Neanderthals, Denisovans, and unknown archaic African hominins (top right).[5]

Traditionally, there are two competing views in paleoanthropology about the origin of H. sapiens: the recent African origin and the multiregional origin.

Since 2010, genetic research has led to the emergence of an intermediate position, characterised by mostly recent African origin plus limited admixture with archaic humans.

The recent African origin of modern humans is the mainstream model that describes the origin and early dispersal of anatomically modern humans. The theory is called the (Recent) Out-of-Africa model in the popular press, and academically the recent single-origin hypothesis (RSOH), Replacement Hypothesis, and Recent African Origin (RAO) model. The hypothesis that humans have a single origin (monogenesis) was published in Charles Darwin’s Descent of Man (1871). The concept was speculative until the 1980s, when it was corroborated by a study of present-day mitochondrial DNA, combined with evidence based on physical anthropology of archaic specimens. According to genetic and fossil evidence, archaic Homo sapiens evolved to anatomically modern humans solely in Africa, between 200,000 and 100,000 years ago, with members of one branch leaving Africa by 60,000 years ago (see Australian Aborigines article reported in A.A.A.S. Science magazine) and over time replacing earlier human populations such as Neanderthals and Homo erectus. .. ” –


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