The new Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church by reason of his adapted preaching style while rector or pastor and meeting the needs of the predominantly Black Cincinnati suburban Lincoln Heights St Simeon Episcopal Church together with his being fully knowledgeable of the rituals and traditions of the Anglican / Episcopal Church may enable him to be considered an “Episcopalian “Rev Martin Luther King and Rev C L Franklin”  combined” !  

When St Simeon’s choir and its youth “spiritual church ballet-like dance group and St Simeon’s choir processed down the aisle of Christ Church Cathedral in an observance of the first Black prient of the Episcopal Church, Absalom Jones, I and the mixed white and black congregation present observed the rhythmc body swaying in union and stepping in perfect syncopation with the distinct gospel beat of the music as the choir member and church teenage dance group, ages 7 to 16 years old, moved dramatically down the church aisle towards the altar, particularly by the very enhanced, earnest and energetic body and feet movements of a little 5 or 6 year old member such as to  elicit smiles of appreciation from the mixed Black and White members of the congregation.  You would have thought it was a Pentecostal Church choic and youth group moving so gracefully and spiritually to the beat of the gospel music … certainly a part of a Black Episcopalian cultural contribution to the Episcopal Church!

So it is obviously now that the American Episcopal Church did not accept the fundamentalist Christian “literalist” interpretation of the Bible regarding God’s curse on the Negro race through Noah’s  curse on one of his three sons Ham or Ham’s offspring Canaan. 

That Hamitic curse was used by the Mormon church all the way up until the 1970s as a means of denying membership in the Mormon church because of God’s curse on the Negro race “making his skin black” and “making the descendats of Ham or Cain”servants of servants shall he be to his brethren” to his other two sons Shem and Japheth and their descendants  as stated in Genesis I of the Old Testament. 

That quotation contains each of the basic tenets of literalist beliefs expressed by Fundamental Christians.

Literalist meaning the belief that every word in the Bible is God’s revealed word.

Fundamental Christians quote the New Testament and Paul’s scriptures against women as leaders in the church and that they should not be allowed to “speaki” in the church and should in marriage be subordinate to their husbands. Biblical literalists are committed to interpreting the Bible by adhering closely to the explicit words given in the text.

As with the “God’s Hamitic curse” making the skin-color of descendants of Canaan’s “black” as punishment for little Canaan’s action’s (Jewish rabinnic Misnah interpretation discussed in Robert Graves & Raphael Patai’s Hebrew Myths: Stories of Cosmic Forces, Deities, Angels, Demons, Monsters, Giants and Heroes–Interpreted in the Light of Modern Anthropology and Mythology,

Chapter 21:  “Noah’s Drunkenness,”When Noah awoke from his drunken sleep,he saw what his little grandson, Canaan, had done to him, and cried: ‘God’s curse upon Canaan! May his bbrothers make him a slave of slaves!  But blessed be the God of Shem, whom Canaan shall serve. May He also enlarge Japheth, to dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall serve them both. Noah lived another three hundred and fifty years.” Genesis xx. 20-28.

The Genesis version of this myth has been carelessly edited. Ham could not be blamed in justice, for noticing his father’s nakedness; and Noah would never have laid such a grave curse upon Ham’s innocent son Canaan, even if this involuntary act had been Ham’s only fault. The text ‘And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his little son had done onto him’ points to a gap in the narrative, plausibly filled by the midrashic account of his castration. Noah’s curse shows that the sinner was little Canaan, not Ham ‘father of’ is clearly an editorial insertion. The myth is told to justify Hebrew enslavement of Canaanites –Canaan was “Chnas”for the Phoenicians and Agenor for the Greeks. —

In Time-Life Books, “Titans and Olympians: Greek and Roman Myth,” from which it was borrowed, Chapter 20: “The Origins of the World,” in the Section: “The Castration of Uranus,” it was indicated:

“Only Chronus, the youngest, dared to take up his mother’s cause. Gaia made a sickle for Cronus out of a material so hard tht only the gods could make weapons from it. She plotted with her son how to catch Uranus off-guard, and showed him where to lie in wait within her body. As night fell, Uranus spread himself over the Earth and lowered himself towards his wife to make love to her. Cronus slashed out with his sickle, castrating his father, and flung away his genitals.”

Patai and Graves stated: “Some say that at the height of Noah’s drunkenness he uncovered himself, whereupon Canaan, Ham’s son entered the tent, mischievously looped a stout cord about his grandfather’s genitals, drew it tight, and unmanned him. Ham then also entered. When he saw what had happened, he told Shem and Japheth, smiling as if it were a jest for idlers in the marketplace: but earned their curses.

Others say that Ham himself unmanned Noah, who awakened from his drunken sleep and understanding what had been done to him, cried:

“Now I cannot beget the fourth son whose children I would have ordered to serve you and your brothers! Therefore it must be Canaan, your first-born, whom they enslave. And since you have disabled me from doing ugly things in the blackness of night, Canaan’s children shall be born ugly and black! Moreover, because you twisted your head around to see my nakedness your grandchildren’s hair shall be twisted into kinks, and their eyes red; again, because your lips jested at my misfortune, theirs shall swell; and because you neglected my nakedness they shall go naked, and their male members shall be shamefuly elongated. Men of this race are called Negroes ; their forefather Canaan commanded them to love theft and fornication, to be bandied together in hatred of their masters and never to tell the truth.” [Source: “Sanhedrin 72a-b, 108b B. Pesahim113bTanhuma Buber Gen. 49-50; Tanhuma Noah 13, 15Gen. Rab. 341]”

The same midrash passage was quoted by Yosef-ben Jochannan in “Africa: Mother of Western Civilization,” citing Patai and Graves.

Black Fundamentalist Christians, usually ignorant of this passage with regard to the “Biblical Origin of the Black Race,” continue to support preachers and politicians insisting upon a literal belief in the Bible and are told they are going against God’s word to vote for anyone not believing in a literal belief in the Bible – despite what the Bible says about the skin-color of people of the black race and about the role of women in the church!

Ben Jochannan – Proverbs and the 10 Commandmens:

Dr. Yosef ben Jochannan in”A Brief Chronology of the Development and History of the Old and New Testament from its African and Asian Origins to its European and European-American Revisions, Versions, etc then Professor of History and Religion, New York, N.Y. (Marymount College, Tarrytown, Malcolm-King College, Extension of Fordham University, Bronx, Mount St. Vincent College, Westchester and Marymount College: Manhattan, New York City) , indicated:

“The very first “Bible” or “Scroll” on record produced by man, with regard to paying honor and divine respect to a “Creator of All Mankind” was that of the African people of the Nile Valley and Great Lakes region of central, east, and Northeast Africa, about 4,000 B.C. It was called by its African creators and developers: “The Book of the Coming Forth by Day and By Night,” and was translated from its original hieroglyphic y text into the English language by Sir Ernest A. Wallis Budge and published in England in 1895 A.D. and entitled: “The Egyptian Book of the Dead,”. (p. 2).

This original Bible was produced by the Africans approximately 3,400 years before the King James version of the Old and New Testament: the latter being one of the very late of the hundreds of revisions and translations of the Bible over a period of approximately 2,495 years, from about 700 B.C. (p. 1).

The African Heritage:

Dr. Ben stated:

Most Black people do not know that the Old and New Testament historically, geographically, socio-politically, and racially, etc. are part and parcel of their own heritage. (p. 2)

Professor ben-Jochannan answers such questions as:

“When was the first Hebrew or Jewish Bible written?  

“How many books were in the first Jewish Bible?

“How many books were in the first Christian Bible?

“In what year was the Moslem (Muslim) Quran or Bible written?

“How many versions preceded the King James version and, were all of the men who wrote all of the versions equally “inspired.?”

Also, rather than just saying that black people or the Egyptians “wrote the Bible” – the present day King James version – Dr. Ben goes further than that and shows or provides evidence that what appears in Proverbs had been written by an African Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep III (1387 B.C. – 1350 B.C.) 400 years prior to Proverbs 22: 17, 20-22, 24 in the Hebrew Old Testament written by King Solomon. [1387 B.C. – 970 B.C. = 417 years

Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan, in Africa: Mother Of Western Civilization (1971) made the following comparison:

Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (Akhenaton) was a part of the “Golden Age” in Egypt, introduced “monotheism”, abolished old gods, and took the name Akhenaton after Aton, the sun god.


Need some more proof about the African-Egyptian origin of the Hebrew Bible? Try this!

Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan referred to Proverbs 22: 17, 22:20, 21; 22:22; 22:24,25; and 22:29 as compared with the teachings of Amenhotep III, Pharaoh of Egypt, using two versions of the King James Version, with one text conformable to that of the edition of 1611, and the following similarities were revealed:

Israel (Asia Minor)                                       Egypt (North Africa)

Proverbs 22: 17, 20-22, 24                                           

25,and 29                                                               


The Teachings Of King Solomon                         “The Teachings of Pharaoh Amenhotep III”

*970 B.C. ** (970/969-931 B.C.)                         * (1300 B.C.) ***(1387 B.C. – 1350 B.C.)


Incline thine ear, and hear my words,                 Give thine ear, and hear what I say,

And apply thine heart to apprehend;                  And apply thine heart to apprehend;

For it is pleasant if thou keep them in thy belly,        It is good for thee to place them in thine   heart              

That they may be fixed like a peg upon Thy lips      That they may act as a peg upon thy tongue

Have I not written for thee thirty sayings          Consider these thirty chapters; They delight, they instruct,

Of counsels and knowledge!         Knowledge how

to answer him that speaketh

That thou mayest make known truth to him              And how to carry back a report to one that sent him.

that speaketh.               

Rob not the poor for he is poor,                   Beware of robbing the poor, And of oppressing the afflicted

Neither oppress the lowly in the gate         

Associate not with a passionate man,                 Associate not with a passionate man,

Nor go with a wrathful man,                       Nor approach him for conversations;

Lest thou learn his ways                                     Leap not to cleave to such a one,

And get a snare to thy soul. T                     That the terror carry thee not away.

A man who is skillful in his business          A scribe who is skillful in his business

Shall stand before Kings                             Findeth himself worthy to be a courtier.

*Yosef ben-Jochannan, Africa: Mother Of Western Civilization (1971), p. 179.

Included in Professor Melvin Drimmer, Black History: A Reappraisal (Anchor Books: Doubleday & Company, Inc: Garden City, New York), 1968, 1969, pp. 253-254, that originally appeared in an article in a magazine “Independent” written by Theodore Tilton, August 20, 1863, concerning African slaves in America, the following statement by Frederick Douglass was quoted:

” … ‘Take any race (ethnic group/nationality) you please, French, English, Irish, or Scotch,’ said Frederick Douglass: ‘Subject them to slavery for ages – regard and treat them everywhere, every way, as property. … Let them be loaded with chains, scarred with whip, branded with hot irons, sold in the market, kept in ignorance … and I venture to say that the same doubt (“stigma”) would spring up concerning either of them, which now confronts the Negro.’ “


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