The African Odyssey: The African Heritage in World History and Human Biological and Cultural History: From Prehistoric Times and the World’s Earliest Civilizations to the 21st Century by Harold L Carter

Volume I:


One Human Race – One Humanity:  The Search for Its Origins – The African Heritage in World History and Human Biological and Cultural History:  From Prehistoric Times and the Earliest Civilizations to the 21st Century:  A History of Civilizations and Introductory Anthropology, World And Human History – High School/College – Textbook


Toward a more accurate and inclusive world and human history:  A history of black people – people of African descent – people of the black race including the social construction of the negro (black) race /p>


A narrative encylopedic approach toward a new paridigm of world history


By Harold L Carter




  1. This comprehensive world  and human history textbook traces the African heritage of all human beings on what has traditionally been referred to as all three of the major continents, i.e. the three super landmasses: Africa, Asia, and Europe, but, more accurately, as  the two super land masses: Africa and Eurasia and locate geographically and historically the earliest and most ancient civilizations and what led to their development over 6,000 to 3000 years ago:


(1)    in Africa, in the Nile River Valley ,   


(2)    in Eurasia, in the Tigris and Euphrates River Valley, that has traditionally@ been designated both as  (a) the ASumerian civilization@ and (b) the AMesopotamian civilization – the latter said to  encompass Sumeria and the civilization which followed Sumeria:  Babylonia, and both then “traditionally” (eurocentrally) said to be located within the geographical area referred to as the Asia Minor, the Fertile Crescent, and the Middle East@ or what is now modern day Iraq and Iran.     

With regard to “history” and “universal history,”  one very wise historian wrote:   AThe earliest history of man presupposes a knowledge of the history of the earth upon which he lived and we must begin with a sketch of Earth history.” This was the conclusion made by Professor Joseph Ward Swain in The Harper History of Civilization, published in 1958.

  1.  History and Prehistory:    


  1.  Professor Joseph Ward Swain, in The Harper History of Civilization (Harper & Row, Publishers: New York And Evanston), 1958, stated:  


  1.  ABeing the story of civilization itself  “history”  is universal in its length, stretching over all the ages from the first appearance of man on our planet to the present moment, it is universal in its breadth, covering all the nations and peoples of the earth; and it is universal in its depth, including every form of human activity. b.  AAll these human activities woven together, make up one gigantic story:  Athe history of civilization.@’

c.  AAll civilizations are the creations of men and they cannot be understood apart rom their creators.  Our introductory sketch of the earliest civilizations must therefore be preceded by a brief count of AThe Earliest History of Man which is APrehistory,@ and this in turn presupposes a knowledge of Athe istory of the Earth upon which humans lived” aWe must begin with ‘A Sketch of Earth History.”

                                    [Footnote:  “history,” having been Atraditionally@ accepted as having

                                    had its beginning when the writing of written records first occurred

which is said to  have been about 3000 years ago in the geographical location ASumeria,@ in the Tigris and Euphrates River Valley.]

This  book will present a new historical paradigm that is different from all other  now widely accepted and used world history and introductory anthropology  textbooks by beginning with a discussion of “The Prehistorical Origin of the  Universe, the Earth, Humans, and the Races of  Humankind. … “


About Harold L Carter

Bachelor of Science, Columbia University Masters degree, Ohio State University Undergraduate National Officer, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Eastern Asst Vice President, when a student at Columbia University Profile Photograph: Mom & Me, when I was a graduate student
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