27 Things Educated Black People Like

Very well written ! I find no fault with it (“27 Things Educated Black People Like”). Unfortunately it is those who may have gone to college with the sole intent of pledging and then dropped out – are the ones most responsible for the brutal and senseless beating near to death and to death that has caused national organizations much pain. My entrance into Alpha came about when a fine Alpha physician saw me when walking across the Columbia University campus to classes, and questioned me at length about my personal background … including my goals in life and motivation for attending college. He gave me his name and phone number and took mine and I found out later wrote a letter of recommendation to the local New York Eta Chapter who then contacted me … and the rest is history. Many others members have been so very carefully selected also. It is those recommended by voluntary dropouts … too hard … not willing to work hard and aplly themselves … not for economic reasons … and their recommended members that have caused the problems. Yes it was instilled into us while “crossing the sands” to be the best that you can be …. strive for excellence … and scholarship … be a scholar and a gentleman. I still recall the words of “Invictus” and other inspirational poems we had to learn. …. Yes indeed, it was “manly deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind” … “humankind” … if you prefer ! … So very proud of Thurgood Marshall, Martin Luther King, and others fine Alpha men, and AKAs (considered Alphas’ sisters), as well as Deltas, and other fine women sorority members (just remember black fraternities and black sororities emerged during the strict apartheid-like segregation era when all white Greekletter organization denied blacks membership) … ! … A-PHI !


#1 Fraternities and Sororities

Educated Black people like to talk about which fraternity (also called a ”frat”) or sorority they pledged in college. Some of them even go to college with the intent to pledge a Greek lettered organization, then drop out of school. Unlike predominately white fraternities or sororities, these Black Greek letter organizations (or “BGLOs”) are for life. Many members wear Greek paraphernalia well into old age. They even continue to attend their organization’s regional and national conferences.

All members of these Greek organizations love to talk about how hard they pledged and continually state how much they dislike other members who did not pledge as hard as they did. There have also been a few whites people who have crossed racial lines and joined a BGLO. Of course, this person was pledged harder than any other person because they have to pay for all injustices whites have committed against blacks!

If you are…

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Bachelor of Science, Columbia University Masters degree, Ohio State University Undergraduate National Officer, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Eastern Asst Vice President, when a student at Columbia University Profile Photograph: Mom & Me, when I was a graduate student

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