{August 2010

The edited update of an “overview,” or “summary,”  of my book – and the first pages of my book



On August 30, 2010 in response to my publisher with regards to the painstakingly slow “progress” in the completion of the final manuscript of “The African Odysseyt:  The African Heritage” … , I responded as follows:


“The Final Manuscript now has turned into or been transformed into “the entire book” with bibliography since june and july, 2010!  [October 2013 – I thought, then  !  … Though I do more definitely believe this will be the “year of its publication” ! ]

 [Note:   Anticipating “criticisms” and “denials” of the “authentic” historical facts” of this more recent, and may be considered by some “revolutionary” new (paradigm) for anthropological/world and human history) –

 In so far as it may stir up some extraordinary debate – beyond that what has already currently been  discussed in this Facebook:  History and Current Events” website “on a few of the topics included in this book” –

 I included much more detail than would be expected for an “overview”  And – during this past month –  “August” – for the book itself:  I started typing in material that included “actual excerpts” that had been placed in final manuscript form as I was typing during the month of aAugust 2010.  That is what is now being  submitted to you for review.

 The very first pages of the book and the entire book itself, with bibliography! .. after many physical setbacks time consuming “living conditions changes and requirements” and a number of “computer” and “printer” breakdowns including the replacement of a seven year old vital computer devic also involving new printer, and a completely reinstalled windows operating system, makes it evident that I won’t be able to meet the publishing deadline of 2012 for this book.  For those who had inquired, I’am now proceeding full speed ahead to provide it to the public just as soon as possible!e  ! ]  – that time and stage of development has now past and it appears that October 2013 has been newly set for all of the aforementioned itself to be transmitted to the publisher ! ,, It has been a slow and tedious process … challenging “existing public school high school and college comprehensive and edited over the years – textbooks – with adequate and sufficient “very documented” evidence – not just personal speculations and biased interpretations of what “actually” happendc in African and African and African Ancient Egyptian history and culture –  to support and stand up to or withstand the consequent “white Eurocentric” and “radial Black” criticisms –  as you may have already observed – revising or correcting previously accepted history “ain’t no easy” task !]


 I had then in August 2010 stated: 

 “As members of Harold L Carter’s Facebook Website – “Current Events and History Facebook Website, following the recent posting of the Richard Dawkins and Roman Catholic Cardinal Pell Debate that included the “age of the Earth,” I decided to make you the “first persons privy to a “peek” into the contents of the pending high school/college, introductory anthropology and world history/human biological and cultural history textbook.  [If you took time to read it then !]  Followed by the following now edited book title:

 Volume I:

 One Human Race – One Humanity – The African Odysse:  The African heritage in World History and in Human Biological and Cultural History:

 From Prehistoric Times And The Earliest Civilizations To The 21st Century.  ( 2012):

 A History Of Civilization And An Introductory Anthropology And World And Human History – High School/College Textbook –

 Toward A More Accurate And Inclusive World And Human History:

 A History of Black People – People of African Descent – People of the “Black” ( *** “African”) Race And “The Social Construction of the “Negro” Race”

 Not Out of Europe: How Eurocentrism Became an Excuse to Teach Myth as History” including the 18th century and 19th Century “Social Construction of the “Negro” (“African”) race”

 A Narrative Encylopedic Approach Toward A New Paradigm of World History

 By Harold L Carter

[“Paradigm”:  “The Oxford English Dictionary defines the basic meaning of the term paradigm as “a typical example or pattern of something; a pattern or model”.[1] The historian of science Thomas Kuhn gave it its contemporary meaning when he adopted the word to refer to the set of practices that define a scientific discipline at any particular period of time. In his book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions Kuhn defines a scientific paradigm as: “universally recognized scientific achievements that, for a time, provide model problems and solutions for a community of practitioners.” ]


 I. This comprehensive introductory anthropology and world history and human history textbook will trace the african heritage of all human beings on all three of the major continents, i.e. The three geographical locations: Africa,Asia, and Europe (or, more accurately, the two super land masses: Africa and “Eurasia”), and locate geographically and historically the earliest and most ancient civilizations and what led to the development of those civilizations over 5,000 to 3000 years ago.


For today’s – October 26 2013 excerpt – the following:

S. L. Washburn, University of California, Berkeley and Ruth Moore, Ape Into Human: A Study of Human Evolution, 2nd edition (Little, Brown and Company:  Boston, Toronto),l 1974, 1980, p. 50-52, it was indicated:

“About sixty miles southwest of Cairo when Yale expeditions led by Elwyn L Simons went there in the 1960s to searh for fossil primates they discovered a most unusual skull.  It looked like the skull of a monkey though the teeth were much more like a gorilla=s.  Y Simons accurately described the creature as a monkey with the teeth of an ape and named it Aegyptopithecus.


Figure 2.10:  The partially restored skull of Aegyptopithecus zeuxis, so named by Elwyn L. Simons, was found in the Fayum region of Egypt.  The skull  dates back between 28 million and 26 million years ago.

In the same area, wind action uncovered several tailbones that seemed assignable to Aegyptopithecus, which did not surprise Simons.  ‘Speaking: anatomically, it was to be expected that some ancestral primate would cross the threshold separating monkey from ape and still bring its tail along.

‘The creature was big for a tree dweller, and its feet …some foot bones were found also suggested adaptation to life in the trees.  Aegyptopithecus bore the stamp of what was to come. The animal was evidently pursuing an arboreal pattern of life directing it along the evolutionary path leading from lemur-like and monkey-like forms to apes and perhaps ultimately to man,’said Simon.  [Elwyn L. Simons, “The Earliest Apes,” Scientific American 117 (December 1967), p. 35] 

“A step forward had been taken.  For nearly a century investigators had been digging up teeth and jaw fragments of a fossil primate that also did not fit into the pattern of any known apes.  Simons commented that if Aegyptopithecus could be called a monkey with the teeth of an ape, these primates might be dubbed apes with the bodies of monkeys.  The head was apelike.  As a group,the odd assemblage was called dryopithecinesCliterally, forest apeCbut there were many variations within the group.

Proconsul africanus

“In 1948 Mary Leakey was scanning a rock face on the island of Rusinga in Lake Victoria, Kenya, when her eye caught a speck of gray fossilized enamel.  She and her husband, Louis, who was working nearby, immediately began to dig out her find.  Behind the exposed teeth was another tooth.  And behind that was something more.  In several days of painstaking work they dug out a nearly complete skull.  It had a rounded forehead like that of a human but it also had long pointed canines and other apelike features. 

“The Leakeys named their discovery Proconsul africanus, and it was later dated at about 24 million years.  >We believe,said Leakey, ‘that at some stage just about the time of Proconsul the stock that ultimately led to man broke away from Proconsul himself or from something much like him, and gradually led to you and me.’

‘Mary’s discovery gave science the first opportunity to see what Proconsul had really looked like.  Previously, we had only jaws and teeth to go on.’  [Louis S. B. Leakey, “Adventures in the Search of Man,” Scientific American 208 (January 1963), p. 138]



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