Need some more proof about the African-Egyptian origin of the Hebrew Bible? Try this!
Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan referred to Proverbs 22: 17, 22:20, 21; 22:22; 22:24,25; and 22:29 as compared with the teachings of Amenhotep III, Pharaoh of Egypt, using two versions of the King James Version, with one text conformable to that of the edition of 1611, and the following similarities were revealed:
Israel (Asia Minor) Egypt (North Africa)
Proverbs 22: 17, 20-22, 24
25,and 29

The Teachings Of King Solomon “The Teachings of Pharaoh Amenhotep III”
*970 B.C. ** (970/969-931 B.C.) * (1300 B.C.) ***(1387 B.C. – 1350 B.C.)

Incline thine ear, and hear my words, Give thine ear, and hear what I say,
And apply thine heart to apprehend; And apply thine heart to apprehend;
For it is pleasant if thou keep them in thy belly, It is good for thee to place them in thine heart
That they may be fixed like a peg upon Thy lips That they may act as a peg upon thy tongue
Have I not written for thee thirty sayings Consider these thirty chapters; They delight, they instruct,
Of counsels and knowledge! Knowledge how
to answer him that speaketh
That thou mayest make known truth to him And how to carry back a report to one that sent him.
that speaketh.
Rob not the poor for he is poor, Beware of robbing the poor, And of oppressing the afflicted
Neither oppress the lowly in the gate
Associate not with a passionate man, Associate not with a passionate man,
Nor go with a wrathful man, Nor approach him for conversations;
Lest thou learn his ways Leap not to cleave to such a one,
And get a snare to thy soul. T That the terror carry thee not away.
A man who is skillful in his business A scribe who is skillful in his business
Shall stand before Kings Findeth himself worthy to be a courtier.
*Yosef ben-Jochannan, Africa: Mother Of Western Civilization (1971), p. 179.


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