CAVEAT ! … I don’t like the term “multiculturalism” and its use in “multiculturalism versus Europeanization of History” …There is nothing wrong with teaching an accurate account of the history of the nations now designaed as “European” … in fact I advocate teaching “an accurate European History, no ommissions, along with “African History “…that encompasses the evolutionary development of humans from prehistoric times and the earliest civilizations on up to the 21st century.” … I testified as an Ohio Department of Youth Services teacher in one of the nine Ohio institutional schools for incarcerated teenagers age 12 to 21 by law continuing their public school education while locked up, along with Columbus, Ohio public school teachers- before an Ohio Senate committee … testifying in favor of the teaching of the history of people of African descent (African Americans and the African diaspora in various countries such as South America which also engaged in the enslavement of African people emphasizing the contributions that people of African descent have made that has been omitted or trivialized by various means in the established world history textbooks as well as the inclusion of the role of people of African descent as part of the evolutionary process and world history from prehistoric times and the earliest civilizations on up to the present. In 1973 instead of any such a comprehensive coverage, …. there waqs a “watered down” law passed for “multicultural” education” education to be included in the curriculum of the public schools of Ohio … ie. .. as (1) an elective … and (2) optionally … leaving it up to each of the “local public school districts” to decide if even, that shoud be done. t… result… most did not include i as part of their courses of study or school curriculum. This was “multiculturalism” in the sense of teaching a little bit about the omitted history of minorities such as would be included in the U.S. Census classifications of “His[panic,” (and Latino, (Central and South American U.S. citizens, and Mexic Americans, etc.) including African American History … the “overall term multiculturalism” supposedly coverying this range of “all minorities” in the history of the United States. … The restrictions and limitations as observed above are obvious from what we teachers in 1973 were arguing for inclusion in the curriculum of the public schools of Ohio. , Schlessing and Diane Ravitch, then, waged a vigorous successful campaign against “multicultural education in the public schools” …Mary Lefkowich with the support of George Will (Sunday Morning discussion group) labeling it “Afrocentric” and “Not Out of Africa” … “Teaching Myth as History” when efforts were made by Dr Asa Hillard and others to incorporate “history of people of African descent (from the earliest civilizations to the present time) into the public school curriculum in about five or six of the urban metropolitan cities of America with a predominant number of black students in still segregated schools. Their campaign was successful though over the years it was included voluntarilyin some public schools. … So when you address this topic please keep those facts in mind ! … If you will !


About Harold L Carter

Bachelor of Science, Columbia University Masters degree, Ohio State University Undergraduate National Officer, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Eastern Asst Vice President, when a student at Columbia University Profile Photograph: Mom & Me, when I was a graduate student
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