William Shirer Looking Back Over His Life – Memoirs


Some interesting parallels between Roman life, politics,and culture and contemporary American, society, politics, and culture is provided by Margaret Lyttelton and Werner Forman, in the Chapter “The Traditional Gods of Rome,” in The Romans:  Their Gods and Their Beliefs (Orbis Publishing Limited:  London), 1984, 1985,

“We are not accustomed to thinking of the Romans as a particularly religious people.  By contrast with other societies of the ancient world such as the hierarchically organized society of Egypt or the theocratic state of the Jews, the Romans seemed to have been remarkably secular, and even modern, in their outlook of the world.

 William Shirer, author of books on the Nazis and “The Third Reich” in his memoirs, stated:  The longer I lived and the more I observed, the clearer it became to me that man had progressed very little behyond his earlier savage stateAfter twenty million years or so of human life on this earth the lot of most men and women is, as Hobbes said, is “nasty, brutish and short.” … “Civilization is a thin veneer …  “

Along with thoughts from a few thinkers “to think about” !



Shirer stated:

“More realistically unlike Plato:who thought that heaven, the Elysian Fields, was the reward for all the injustices and unhappiness on earth.

 there were skeptics.

Epicurus, for one.  …

There is no immortality, he was sure, and therefore death for us is not an evil, it simply does not coern us, while we exist, there is no death, and when death comes we are gone.

William Shirer stated:

“Without subscribing fully to his view, even after I lost my faith in the Christian certainties of the hereafter, I have always liked the way Epicurus put it:

Faith in immortality was born of the greed of unsatisfied people who make unwise use of the time that nature has allotted usBut the wise man finds his life span sufficient to complete the full circle of attainable pleasure, and when the time of death comes, he will leave the table, satisfied freeing a place for other guestsFor the wise man one human life is sufficient, and a stupid man will not know what to do with eternity.” …



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