”Sahara cave may hold clues to dawn of Egypt” (May 24, 2010)

nGeographical location of the ancestors of the “Dynastic Egyptian  Civilization”: where it was indicated:

“ … Rudolph Kuper, a German archaeologist, said the detail depicted in the “Cave of the Beasts” indicatethat the site is at least 8,000 years old, and likely the work of hunter-gatherers whose descendants may have been among the early settlers of the then-swampy and inhospitable (Note: “Lower Egypt” geographical area”) (of the) Nile Valley.”

Never widely reported in world history books of the past and the present, these predynastic African people as shown by archaeological records were  well-organized society with heads of state who ruled over an African empire with trade routes to the Middle East or Near East, as it was referred to in the nineteenth century, many generations prior to the emergenced of that “classical Dynastic Egyptian” civilization ruled by pharaohs of “Upper”and “Lower Egypt.” 

and any reference to an earlier African predynastic empire with  international trade roues connecting Africa to lands as far away as Tyre and Sideon in Phoenicia, the Indus River Valley, or to Mediterranean and Aegean Sea regions sea ports.

Although there were  historical evidence  that had been discovered and announced in scientific journals and academic papers  indicating such an African  international trade connection or route  that had bee published during the 19th century and  in the late 20th century that supported the existence of such an African predynastic Saharan civilization that was the beginning of the Dynastic Civilization after the Saharan region became a sandy.desert.. 
These African people prior to the drying up of the Saharan Desert, may have migrated to the Middle East and been ancestral to the Natufian people who were hunters and gathers and possibly farmers.  Further research is needed.  Reference is made tothem by Gimbutas — 

Maria Gimbutas:

The Furor Over Gimbutas:

The Cave of Swimmers – Saharan Cave Art::

Ssharan Rock Art:

Natufians: – The culture that was the threshold  to the advent of Eurasian (European) agriculture

History of European Agriculture:

History of African Agriculture:




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