“Resurrection:  Myth or Reality?  A Bishop’s Search for the Origins of Christianity,” John Shelby Spong (HarperSanFrancisco: A Division of HarperCollinsPublishers), 1994 –

“A gripping detectuve story ,,, a marvelously engrossing book  Spong’s erudition is everywhere apparent and nowhere obtrusive.”   —

This book will appeal to those wanting a reasonable, nonliteralist faith grounded in the mystery of reality beyond time and space.  Highly recommended.”

— Library Journal —

“Using approaches from the Hebrew interpretive tradition to discern the actual events surrounding Jesus’ death.

Bishop Spong questions the historical validity of a literal narrative concerning the Resurrection.  He asserts that the resurrection story was born in an experience that opened the disciples’ eyes to the reality of God and the meaning of Jesus of Jesus of Nazareth.  Spong traces the Christian origins of anti-Semiticism to the Church’s fabrication of the ultimate Jewish scapegoat, Judas Iscariot.  He affirms the inclusiveness of the Christian message and emphasizes the necessity of mutual integrity and respect among Christians and Jews.”

–JOHN SHELBY SPONG is the (retired) Episcopal Bishop of Newark, New Jersey, and the author of “Rescuing the Bible from Funjdamentalism” and other books.”



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