TED Conference – On “IS IT BAD SCIENCE OR A GAME OF THRONES” – the Issue of “Non-Local Consciousness” – DOES “MIND” EXISTS OUTSIDE OF MATTER !

TED – described as follows:


In “Dear Ted Is it Bad Science or A Game of Thrones” TED

defends itself with regard to recent allegations of its censoring action on the issue of “non-local consciousness”

 “Non-local consciousness defined as

“the possibility that there is mind outside the human brain” or even outside material reality.”

(Note:  “mind” as “supernatural being” ?) 

… “that such a mind exists, it was known as “God fearing” that God is finding a way to sneak back into the kingdom through ideas of quantum consciousnes … militant atheists go on the attack against near death experiences, telepathy, action at a distance, and manifestation of purpose-driven evolution”

  … “these militant atheists in “A Game of Thrones” have not actually looked over the wall and given their absolute conviction that the human brain is the only source of of awareness in the universe”

… “you wouldn’t think that negative thinking on the subject wouldn’t be so threatening” … (Note:  perhaps such as Creationists advocating that students in public schools science classes should be allowed (through state legistlation) to “speculate” whether Genesis I or Darwin’s evolutionary theory are true!) … and the issue of “Separation of Church and State” or “Religion and State” … Or whether by 2013 Evolution is an established scientific fact re:  speculations about it in science classrooms? … New sophisticated “creationist” support of teaching the Bible in public schools?  … Or just a play, a book, or a game, about “non-local conscious”:  “A Game of Thrones”  ? 

What do you think?  Read the following article by Deepak Chopak “Is it Bad Science Or a Game of Thrones”:




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