The 2012 Presidential Debate – Religion and Politics During the Primary Republican Presidential Candidates Debates – and Science and Paleoanthropology and Republican Ideological Beliefs and Issues Based on Literalist Interpretations of the Scriptures

The October 3, 2012 Presidential Debae:  … H’m! … The Smirk . .. “letting him go ahead and open up so people will know what he thinks and how he lies … not to mention … when he loosened up … Tea Partyiers must have been pleased with his performance!

Love it!  Now it’s your turn, President Obama, during that upcoming 2nd Presidential Debate!


 … On The Serious Scientific Side Of “Current Events And History:

What has Paleontology and Recent Archaeological Discoveries Haveto DoWith It! 

Re:  During the Republican elimination of prospective Presidential candidates – all the talk on “religion and the state” – “ideology based on the Scriptures” – “prayer and religion in the public schools – “pro-choice and women’s rights” – “gay rights and marriage” — “a woman’s place in the home and church – according to “literalist” rightwing Republican :religion-bsed ideology:

Grab your seat belts – sit down – brace yourself!

Between 680 Million and 580 Million Years Ago – -585 Million Years Ago:

Little did George Wells Parker know that one day Science would provide irrefutable proof that

In the morning of the world, when the fingers of Love swept aside the curtains of Time, our dusky mother, Ethiopia [Eponym*** “Ancient Ethiopia” for “people and land south of Ancient Egypt and located in the Great Lakes Equatorial region of Africa”) held the stage

nor did Joel A Rogers when in Africa: Africa’s Gift to America (1961) when he quoted Pliny, Roman historian, 23-79 A.D.: 

“Ex Africa semper aliquid movi.” – (“Out of Africa comes something always new.”)

that one day, in the 21st  century, the time scale of evolution would provide archaeological evidence and feature the first recognizable appearances of life and the first living cells in the very real and physical southern Africa region referred to as the “Fig Tree Chert of South Africa over 500 million years ago!

[*** ]

Check it out!

Most physicists, chemists, and biological evolutionists agree that the evolution of organic molecules began about 4 billion years ago.  the first living cells appeared about 3.5 billion years ago, and the first simple many celled animal appeared roughly 600 million years ago. ..[

the origin of the African heritage in human history

began during prehistoric times with the discovery of archaeological traces of multicellular organisms in the Fig Tree Cherts of South Africa [

“Introduction:  Life And Time,” by Michael Benton in The Book Of Life, General Editor, Stephen Jay Gould, 2001

John Reader, The Rise Of Life: The First 3.5 Billion Years (Alfred A. Knopf: New York), 1986:

G. Ledyard Stebbins, Darwin To DNA:  Molecules to Humanity, 1982 – and the beginning of redorded history was about 6,000 years ago

.[Stebbins 1982: 10]

The African Odyssey:  The African Heritage in World History and Human Biological and Cultural History: From Prehistoric Times and the Earliest Civilizations to the 21st Century (2012)


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