Case Histories – The Devestating Effects of Drug Using

Thanks for this additional information on the effect of drugs.  That homeless man whose suffered loss of facial tissues by a drug user had caught the attention of many.  Much less than those examples, while still teaching in Columbus, Ohio, I once was escorted to the home of a married black man on drugs and showed how all the furniture in the front room of his house on Columbus, Ohio’s Eastside had been sold to obtain drug money.  I did not meet his wife (or former wife) and children but I recall how impressed or astounded I was seeing just this much of the real life evidence of the stunning or  devestating  effects of drug-using.  Thinking back further rather than a friend of that man, it might have been that drug-user himself or some close family member who had access to or the keys to access and show me the front room of that, I suppose, rented house or home.


About Harold L Carter

Bachelor of Science, Columbia University Masters degree, Ohio State University Undergraduate National Officer, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Eastern Asst Vice President, when a student at Columbia University Profile Photograph: Mom & Me, when I was a graduate student
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