The Moors – Stanley Lane- Poole, The Story of the Moors in Spain – The African Heritage in World History

[Excerpt – Harold L Carter, The African Odyssey:  The African Heritage in World History and Human Biological and Cultural History:  From Prehistoric Times and the Earliest Civilizations to the 21st Century (2012)]:

Chapter 24:  The European Renaissance and Intellectual Revolution, – the Moors in Spain – the Reformation of the Roman Catholic Church –  the Atlantic Slave Trade and  the Industrial Revolution

“Stanley Lane-Poole, The Story of the Moors in Spain (Black Classic Press: Baltimore, Maryland), first published 1886, published 1990

“Introduction, John G. Jackson, February, 1990, stted: 

“Black Classic Press should be commended for republishing Stanley Lane-Poole’s The Story of the Moors in Spain, which was first published in 1886.  The work is a classic in its field and has been so for over a hundred years.  Up to 1886, few histories of non-Christian civilizations existed in the English language.  The Golden Age of Islam had received favorable mention by prominent historians such as Edward Gibbon, John William Draper, and Windwood Reade.  Considerable literature on the medieval Islamic cultures existed in languages such as French, German, Spanish, and Arabic.  But The Story of the Moors in Spain was the first popular and scholarly work in the English language.

“Eurocentric historians argue that Europe gave civilization to Africa, which is a complete inversion of the truth. 

 “The author of this great study, Stanley Edward Lane-Poole, was born in London on December 18, 1854.  His father, Edward Stanley Poole, was an Arabic scholar, and his brother, Reginald Lane-Poole, was an eminent historian, who served on the staffs of the British Museum and Oxford University.  Privately educated, Stanley Lane-Poole took up Oriental studies under the tutelage of his uncle, Reginald S. Poole, who worked in the coin department of  the British Museum.  In 1874, he matriculated at Corpus Christi College, Oxford University.  On the death of his great-uncle, Edward William Lane, in 1876, Stanley Lane-Poole undertook the completion of his kinsman’s Arabic lexicon.  He worked on this dictionary from 1877 until 1893.  In the meantime, he became an Orientalist and Egyptologist, and wrote several scholarly books in addition to The Moors in Spain (1886), he wrote Turkey (1888), The Barbary Cosairs (1890), and The History of the Mogul Emperors of Hindustan (1892). 

“During the years 1895-1897, Lane-Poole worked as an archaeologist for the Egyptian government.  From 1898 until his retirement in 1904, he was a professor of Arabic at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.  After retiring in 1904, Lane-Poole lived in London, until his death on December 29, 1931.  Of all his historical works, The Moors in Spain is preeminent and it is a privilege for the present reader to study this greathistorical classic.”

With regard to a recent YouTube post which I included on this Facebook website  — Whoever the narrator is he is right on track or on target!  He introduces some very valid supporting evidence from J. A. Rogers, Bedoe, the Oxford Dictionary, and other legitimate sources.  He really updates McRitchie’s “Ancient and Modern Britons (1884), “Pygmies in Northern Scotland (1892), and “Celtic Civilization.” 

He is correct, apre-Roman Celtic people occupied what later became England long before the arrival of the German Angles and Saxons and may have been “Iberians” and descendants of Africa Cro-Magnons who migrated from Spain.. 

Also with regard to Stanley-Lane Poole’s The Story of the Moors in Spain (1886).  … I will be posting a follow-up to this inquiry.  It is the emrgence of supporting evidence such as this that has delayed the publication of my book The African Heritage in World History and Human Biological and Cultural History this year, but I must go ahead and publish what I have … as is before the year is out!



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